Distilling Spirits is Slow. Sourcing Them Shouldn’t Be

Spirits Sourcing, Simplified

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No MOQs*

Need just 1 barrel? No problem. While other spirit wholesalers require minimum order quantities, we understand it’s a major barrier for smaller craft operations. As a small, family-owned business, we’re proud to make our spirits accessible to companies of all sizes and budgets.

*On eligible orders of BWBX exclusive inventory. Orders from our collective inventory are subject to requirements placed by our partners.

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive prices make it easy to maximize your budget. Whether you need a drum, tote, or tanker – we’ve got you covered.

Access to 100,000 Barrels of Premium Spirits

We’ve teamed up with the nation’s top distilleries to streamline every step of the supply chain on the products’ path to you. With access to more than 100,000 barrels of aged, high-quality, and Grain Neutral Spirits in our collective inventory, our growing network ensures our stock will never run dry.

Broker Services

Have barrels you need to sell? We can help. Our broker services provide unique advantages, with support to promote the growth of your business while saving the most valuable asset: your time.

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Barrel Service

  • 100,000 Barrels & Counting

    As a wholesaler and broker of bulk spirits, we’re constantly expanding our collective inventory to include a wide range of mash bills, ages, and spirits of all kinds.

  • Bulk Spirits at The Speed You Need

    From niche and difficult-to-source distillates to high-demand and popular batches, our proactive approach to sourcing allows us to provide your business with exactly what you need – exactly when you need it.

  • Certified Authentic

    We exclusively source our barrels from licensed and reputable distillers, ensuring our spirits are of the highest quality – with certificates of authenticity to match.

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