Rooted In Tradition

Driven By Innovation

KY Proud

Located right in the heart of Bourbon Country — Bardstown, Kentucky — Brown Water Bourbon Xchange (BWBX) is surrounded by the spirit’s unique history. From the rack houses lining the hillsides to the sweet smell of mash filling the air – it’s easy to see what’s important to us around here.

Our Purpose

With people reaching for craft spirits today more than ever, craft distilleries need help to keep up with rapidly increasing demand. The slow-moving supply chain, impractical MOQs, and increasing spikes in barrel prices are making it impossible for smaller operations to compete against their competitors’ unlimited funds and resources.

Fortunately, our team is here to level the playing field.

Our Mission

We aim to modernize the bourbon trade while preserving its rich legacy by mitigating industry obstacles, forming collaborative partnerships, and providing in-demand spirits to craft distilleries worldwide.

Our Values


We are committed to facilitating transparent transactions at every stage of the product journey. From distiller to investor to vendor, our team is dedicated to providing honest and reliable support to every one of our clients.


We are grateful for our trusted partners who believe in our vision for the future of this industry. Our efforts to uphold the friendly and familial atmosphere that makes the bourbon industry so special are made possible by their continued support.

Equal Opportunities

We are champions for small businesses like ours. We proudly supply affordable and accessible bulk spirits of the highest quality, advocating for the growth and success of small enterprises in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Team

Logan Bechanan

V.P. Of Corporate


William Brown



Ben Bohannon

V.P. Of Business


Rick Zielke

V.P. Of Sales


Andy Voelkel

Head of Marketing