Bourbon of the Month



Wilderness Trail Bottled in Bond Wheated (Yellow Label)


Wilderness Trail (Danville, KY)


Bottled-in-bond (At least 4 years old, but the producer claims it is 5 – 6 years Old)



Mash Bill

64% Corn | 24% Wheat | 12% Malted Barley


This bourbon smells grassy, with an earthy “funk”, before giving way to your typical vanilla and butterscotch notes.

Flavor Notes

On the palate, this bourbon is much “softer” than its peers (you don’t perceive much of a burn, like you usually do with bourbon). It drinks well below it’s proof and is a tad more viscous than you would expect a wheated bourbon to be. Immediately, you’re met with bright notes of cherry and honey, followed by flavors of anise and a slight nuttiness. The bourbon has a slightly tannic finish leaves a lingering leather and vanilla note.

Who is Wilderness Trail?

Wilderness Trail is currently one of the ‘unbung’ heroes of the Bourbon Industry. Founders Dr. Pat Heist and Mr. Baker are longtime friends who met after joining a rock band together in the late 1990’s. From there, Dr. Heist and Mr. Baker used their 28 years of fermentation experience (combined) to found FermSolutions in 2006. FermSolutions actively serves the microbiological needs of brewers, distillers, and biofuel producers, by performing analysis, product development, and yeast identification. Today, FermSolutions high-quality yeast is known industry wide, and has been adopted by many commercial distilleries across KY and the USA. 

Using their proprietary yeast and sweet mashing (meaning no ‘backset’ or distilled grains are added to the mash as is typical in the whiskey industry) methods, Dr. Heist and Mr. Baker began producing bourbon in 2012. With these unique production methods, Wilderness Trail is able to produce high quality craft bourbon that is complex and flavorful. In those days Wilderness Trail was producing roughly a barrel a day, now production runs 24 hours a day and produces roughly 80,000 barrels of bourbon a year.  Their covert growth in the craft distilling space and contract production sector eventually led to Campari (Wild Turkey, Skyy Vodka, Aperol, Grand Marnier, etc.) purchasing a 70% stake in the company for $420 Million. Additionally, Campari retains the option to purchase the remaining 30% stake in 2031 for $210 Million.

What Mashbill do I have?

Wilderness Trail has a very unique labeling system that revolves around the color of the label. The yellow label represents their wheated bourbon, the black label represents their high rye bourbon, the silver label denotes their 6-year-old wheated bourbon, and finally, the “gold” label represents their 8-year-old high rye bourbon.